Marcia M. Burrows
The Logical Woman
Bradenton, Florida
Cell: 360-808-4181
Fax: 772-679-5726
Email: thelogicalwoman AT gmail DOT com

I'm currently designing and marketing my original learning games at Logical Game Studio where I've recently released Number Round-Up.
And, Goal Quest Games where you'll find the tabletop game, Strengths and Troubles.
However, I still occasionally accept contracts to design and / or program interactive content for the Web.
I'm also sometimes asked to speak on topics such as Game Design, Learning Games and Women in Computing.


2016 / 2015 I served as Community TA in the MITx edX MOOCs on Game Design and Design and Development of Games for Learning.

1999 - current Independent Contractor, San Francisco, CA, Port Angeles, WA, Bradenton FL
In the past twenty years I've completed hundreds of PHP, Java, JavaScript, Perl, HTML5, AJAX and database projects large and small for my clients' Web sites. I work with these clients (located all over the world) to develop sophisticated, customized solutions for their Internet and Intranet sites. Usually, I don't create the graphics for these sites, I write the code that makes them interactive. My clients approach me for help with billing systems; membership systems; various contact, registration, and order forms; automated Email; secure certificates; login control; etc. I'm often called on to solve cross-browser JavaScript display issues and design for mobil use.

2009 MultiAxis Games, Port Angeles, WA
I wrote the code for the ground-breaking Twitter RPG game TweetLord.

1995 - 1999 EC Computer Services, San Francisco, CA
As a an in-house programmer for this small Internet company, my work involved converting BBS services to Web services on EC's own Solaris and WindowsNT servers. Here, I enhanced my abilities with C and became expert in various Internet technologies, Unix, and SQL databases. I worked with a team including other programmers and graphic designers and supervised the tech-support department. Since leaving EC to work for myself, I've continued to do projects for them as a consultant.

1993 - 1995 Video Nova, Detroit, MI
As lead programmer for this small, multimedia-software company, I managed the conversion of Level-3-Laserdisc courses to multimedia courses on CD-ROM and created original games to enhance instructional design scripts for laser discs.

1983 - 1993 Independent Contractor, Detroit, MI
As sole proprietor of my own consulting company specializing in educational software and game design, my clients included CBS Software, The Detroit Institute of Arts, Ford Motor Co., Chrysler Motor Co., and the Wayne State University Medical School.

I have developed on Unix, MS-DOS, Macintosh and Windows operating systems.
Because I began as an assembly language programmer, I have no difficulty learning any programming or authoring language and have used many professionally, including Assembler, BASIC, Hypertalk, Lingo, C, Java, JavaScript, Perl, ASP, PHP, AJAX and HTML5.
I also use Excel, Access, Mini-SQL, Mysql, and Sybase. I'm accustomed to working off-site using FTP and Telnet. I've had experience working with Apache, Netscape, and IIS servers.

1998 - Sun Microsystems, Inc., at Comdex, Las Vegas - Java 3D Class
1995 - Sun Microsystems, Inc., Milpitas, CA - Basic Java Programming Course
1987 - Wayne County Intermediate School District, MI - Laserdisc Inservice
1986 - Wayne State University, Detroit, MI - Interactive Video Course
1985 - Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX - Courseware Design Summer Intensive
1982 - Wayne County Community College, MI - Computer course series including Fortran, 6502 Assembler, System Analysis
1974 - Wayne State University, Detroit, MI - Completed two years of coursework in Liberal Arts.

Available on request.