PNW PHP Conference 2017

Using PHP and JavaScript to Design a Better Board Game


Marcia Burrows email:

The Logical Woman Blog

Logical Game Studio - my game design site.

Try my online learning game, Number Round-Up to see HTML5 animation.

(Works well on iPad and computer, phone screens are too small.)


Strengths and Troubles: The Wellness Board Game

A game of self-discovery and social interaction for 2 to 5 players ages 13 and up.

More information at Goal Quest Games

Strengths and Troubles is also available on Amazon


InterNational Association of Peer Supporters


For math geeks: Mathematical Analysis of Chutes and Ladders.


HTML5 tutorial from Simon Sarris "Now go make something amazing!"


Walter Zorn's JavaScript Graphics Library, wz_jsgraphics.js


Don Normanís revised edition of The Design of Everyday Things


There are many free, online courses on game design on the edX platform. Some are live and some are archived.

These are the two courses for which I served as Community TA. Highly recommended.

MIT edX Archived course: Introduction to Game Design

MIT edX Archived course: Design and Development of Games for Learning


Facebook Learning Game Designers Group (everyone is welcome to join)